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The TIM™ System installs rigid pipe. The TIM™ installation process requires both a strong and rigid replacement pipe and does not work with flexible or weak materials.

Pipe bursting was originally developed to pull a flexible pipe through the existing pipe. High density polyethylene and PVC pipe have been used extensively.

Concerns with the design life of the materials used in all facets of infrastructure have caused new methods and materials to be developed. In the case of existing sewer and water pipe the new materials turn out to be the old standby's - clay and ductile iron.

The Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™) is the only method that allows these new configurations of the old standby materials to be pushed into place. This patented method expands the old pipe and allows for upsizing - sometimes and in some soils - very dramatically.

The result is that your city's infrastructure can be replaced with new pipe that has a design life of more than a mere 50 years.

Rigid Pipe Products Available for TIM™

To obtain more information on how the TIM™ System can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.


American Ductile Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO)

By its nature, ductile iron pipe possesses substantial columnar strength, which makes it a superior material for trenchless applications. AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe offers three joints designed specifically for use in direct jacking, trenchless pipeline replacement, and microtunneling installation.

  • MT Push Pipe, available in sizes 4" through 24", is used primarily for pressure applications up to 350 psi.
  • GS Push Pipe, available in sizes 4" through 16", is used for gravity sewer applications up to 100 feet of head (43 psi).
  • Fastite Push-Bar Joint pipe is a conventional bell-spigot joint, available is sizes 4” through 64”, and used for gravity or pressure applications up to 350 psi.
  • Will mix a variety of lubricants including bentonite/polymer solutions,
  • Designed to operate off the hydraulic circuit of a TIM™ hydraulic unit,
  • Pressure, flow, capacity, and mixing optimized for TIM™ processes,
  • Compact design allows for easy mounting and transport.





ACIPCO Push Bar Pipe

Installation of ACIPCO Pipe

Installation of ACIPCO Pipe

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Can Clay Corporation

Can Clay/Denlok© Jacking Pipe Advantages

  • High Jacking Strengths, Compare at 201 tons for our 8" Size
  • Long Life - Low Cost Material in the Long Run
  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance of All Sewer Pipe Materials
  • Precision Dimensions - 0.040" Tolerance for Pipe Ends from Diamond Grinding
  • Low Profile High Performance Stainless Steel Joint with Bevel Leading Edges
  • Exceeds Both European and American Specifications, 10875 psi Minimum Compressive Strength
  • Worldwide Successes in 17 Countries
  • Available in Sizes from 6" to 48" diameters and from 3 to 10 feet in length
  • Internationally Recognized Quality System Certified to ISO 9002 Standards by NSF© and TUV©
  • Premium Product Without a Premium Cost
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Denlok Pipe

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Permalok Corporation

PERMALOK® is a new steel pipe product designed to eliminate field welded connections. This mechanical press-fit connection is flush with the inside and outside surfaces of the pipe and is capable of withstanding significant internal or external pressures. PERMALOK® steel pipe is currently being used in pipe jacking applications.

The invention of PERMALOK® The Interlocking Pipe Joining System, provides a dramatic advancement to the quality of tubular steel construction by providing a pre-installed precision joint connection which is quickly, easily and permanently mated during field construction. PERMALOK® practically eliminates the need for in-field welding and the down time associated with it.

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Permalok Pipe

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