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At Tenbusch Inc., we offer this site to the tunneling and pipe-jacking community for the sale of used underground equipment. If you have used equipment to sell, you may contact us regarding posting your equipment.

Used Underground Equipment Index:

Need New Equipment ?

At Tenbusch Inc., we design and manufacture custom heavy equipment for installing underground pipe and utilities using sliplining, tunneling, or jacking processes. Its what we do. New equipment includes:

  • Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)
  • Tunneling and Pipe-Jacking Systems - For Both Liner Plate and Pipe-Jacking Applications
  • Box-Culvert Jacking Systems
  • Sliplining Systems
  • Pipe Carriers
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
  • Lubricant Systems
  • Backstops
  • Custom Equipment for Infrastructure Contractors
  • Custom Boring Equipment for Tunneling Applications.
  • TIM™ Systems

caretFor more information on NEW equipment visit our Underground Equipment Page ...

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)


Tamrock 485-OS MDS Mobile Tunneling Boring System. Includes spare parts, and extra Tamrock main bearing. Head diameter: 5170 mm. Trust 1848 tonnes from 12 rams. Powered by 4-100 kW Motors. Fully Assembled. This machine is all new and has been and is stored indoors.

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Tunneling/Pipe-Jacking Shields


144-Inch Diameter Tunneling Shield.


96-Inch Diameter Tunneling Shield.


54-Inch Diameter Articulating Tenbusch Tunneling Shield. Dual mechanical steering screws with 18-inch canopy.

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Tunneling/Pipe-Jacking Frames


250-Ton Tenbusch Jacking Frame with 8-Inch Bore, 72-Inch Stroke, Cylinders and 20-Feet of 42-Inch Gauge Track. Sized for 54-Inch Casing.

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Pipe-Jacking Track

No pipe-jacking track currently available - check back soon.

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Pipe Carriers

No pipe carriers currently available - check back soon.

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Sliplining Machines

No sliplining machines currently available - check back soon.

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Hydraulic Power Units


Electric Powered Hydraulic Power Units - 2 available.

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Lubrication Mixing/Pumping Systems


Tenbusch Bentonite/Polymer Mixing and Pumping System.

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Spoil Carts, Track, and Locomotives


Muck Cart on Casters, 37-Inces Wide by 64-Inches Long.

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Auger Boring Machines


McLaughlin Manufacturing - Hammerhead Mole Boring Machine and Auger.

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Miscellaneous Equipment


54-Inch Diameter, 61-Inch Long, "Push Extender" ("Push-Can").


54-Inch Diameter, 84-Inch Long, "Push Extender" ("Push-Can").


Hydraulic cylinders: quantity of 5, 18-inch stroke, 5.5-inch diameter, 2-inch rod.


Hydraulic cylinders: quantity of 6, 30-inch stroke, 5-inch diameter, 2.5-inch rod.


Hydraulic cylinders: quantity of 8, 34-inch stroke, 10-inch diameter, 8-inch bore, 6-inch rod.


Hydraulic cylinders: quantity of 22, 37-inch stroke, 6-inch diameter, 5-inch bore, 4-inch rod.

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