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Design and Manufacture of Heavy Equipment

TIM™ Lead Equipment

TIM™ lead equipment is designed to allow size on size and upsizing of the original line.

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TIM™ Jacking Units

Tenbusch Inc. offers several jacking unit models for trenchless pipe installation using the TIM™ System. Tenbusch jacking units are custom made in a number of different lengths and sizes to accommodate:

  • Different pipe materials,
  • Joint lengths,
  • Job locations,
  • Space constraints.

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TIM™ Hydraulic Power Systems

TIM™ Hydraulic Power Systems are designed specifically for the demands of TIM™ Systems:

  • Ability to simultaneously power both jacking units and lubrication systems
  • High horsepower power source (diesel/gasoline/electric)
  • High capacity hydraulic reservoir tank
  • Integrated hydraulic cooling system

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TIM™ Bentonite/Polymer Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems designed for TIM™ applications:

  • Will mix a variety of lubricants including bentonite/polymer solutions,
  • Designed to operate off the hydraulic circuit of a TIM™ hydraulic unit,
  • Pressure, flow, capacity, and mixing optimized for TIM™ processes,
  • Compact design allows for easy mounting and transport.

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