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Pipe Carriers

Tenbusch Pipe Carrier Prototype

In certain applications, the best means of installing a large diameter pipeline is to carry in and install the pipeline piece by piece.

Pipe carrier designs can range from simple to complex depending upon your application requirements. Options available for Tenbusch pipe carrier include:

  • Articulating front wheels for bell and spigot protection,
  • Interchangeable engine and pump modules,
  • Exhaust scrubbers,
  • Dual front and rear operator controls,
  • Lateral positioning arms,
  • Overall rugged, stable, and heavy duty design.

At Tenbusch Inc., we design and manufacture a series of pipe carriers for various job conditions as summarized in the Table below.

Tenbusch Pipe Carriers

Pipe Carrier Model Series Description
Internal / Powered Pipe Carrier Internal to pipe, includes power module.
Internal / Manual Pipe Carrier Internal to pipe, manually operated.
External / Powered Pipe Carrier External to pipe, includes power module
External / Manual Pipe Carrier External to pipe, manually operated gantry crane.

* All models can be configured for rail application if necessary.

Tenbusch Pipe Carrier Prototype