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Tenbusch Intensifier Module


We manufacture heavy duty hydraulic intensifier modules for oil-field and well servicing applications. Our hydraulic intensifier units boost the hydraulic pressure applied to hydraulic torque wrench units. Features of our intensifier modules include:

  • Robust design for rough oil-field job environments,
  • Lightweight and portable for remote access jobs,
  • Controls and appropriate monitoring equipment and gauges,
  • Allows operator to "dial-in" pressure required by the hydraulic torque wrench,
  • Works with the HP-15 and other Tenbusch hydraulic power units.
Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator


We manufacture hydraulic power units (HPU's) specifically suited to the task of powering your hydraulic intensifier modules. We offer both standard (pre-configured) hydraulic power units (HPU's), as well as custom built units.

Tenbusch HP15 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

To obtain more information on how our hydraulic intensifier modules can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.