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Design and Manufacture of Heavy Equipment

Tenbusch Inc. Oil-Field Equipment

At Tenbusch Inc., we design, fabricate, and manufacture heavy equipment. When it comes to oil-field equipment, our experience lies in the following areas:

  • Oil-Field and Well Servicing Hydraulic Power Units (HPU's)
  • Mud Mixing and Pumping Units
  • Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Machinery and Equipment.

Manufactured equipment is not limited to existing product lines, and we welcome the opportunity to build custom equipment for other oil-field applications.

Having a contractor background, we understand our customer's unique challenges and position. This experience greatly helps us provide our customers with optimal, cost-effective, solutions. Collectively, at Tenbusch Inc. we have:

  • Design and problem solving experience centered around over 50 years of working with heavy equipment and hydraulics,
  • Nearly 30 years experience in mechanical design, mechanical engineering, stress analysis, and solid and fluid modeling and analysis.

We built our company's reputation on a strong company work ethic, an innovative approach to solving problems, and maintaining a strong focus on the details of product design and manufacturing.

Please review our oil-field products:

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

We manufacture heavy duty hydraulic power units (HPUs) for oil-field and well servicing applications. Our hydraulic power units are designed to provide continuous and reliable power to your equipment. Typical features of our HPU's include:

  • Robust protective frame for rough oil-field job environments,
  • Electric motor or combustion engine power source,
  • Multiple pumps for main, auxiliary, and filtration circuits,
  • Controls to match your requirements and appropriate monitoring equipment and gauges,
  • High capacity hydraulic reservoirs matched to equipment applications.

You can choose from preconfigured HPU models or custom designs.

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Mud-Mixing Systems

We design and manufactures lubrication systems for mixing and pumping bentonite and/or polymer for underground construction applications. We welcomes the opportunity to utilize our knowledge and experience gained with our lubricant systems and manufacture mud-mixing equipment for the oil-field and well-servicing industry.

Benefits of our bentonite/polymer mixing and pumping systems include:

  • High pressure fluid circuit for long transmission lines,
  • Low pressure fluid circuit for mixing and transport,
  • Controls to match flows to work requirements.
  • High-capacity, multiple, reservoirs appropriate for the application,
  • Hydraulic powered equipment.

Integral power source mixing units available.

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