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At Tenbusch, we design and manufacture tunnel boring machines (TBM's) and TBM systems.

  • Custom designed specifically for the customer's application,
  • For both liner plate and pipe-jacking applications,
  • Available as a stand alone TBM unit or delivered as a complete system.

We build all the equipment needed for a complete tunnel boring machine (TBM) system:

  • TBM Units
  • Conveyors
  • Internal/External Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
  • Underground Lubricant Systems
  • Intermediate Jacking Stations
  • Backstops (Thrust Walls).

To obtain more information on how our tunnel boring machines (TBM's) can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.

TBM Units

Tenbusch Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Tenbusch Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) in Pit Tenbusch TBM with Removable HPU Tenbusch TBM Hydraulic Controls

We design and manufacture custom tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for pipe-jacking and liner plate applications. Our tunnel boring machines (TBM's) provide several benefits:

  • Achieve high rates of tunnel excavation and spoil removal,
  • Provide hydraulic powered steering and grade control of the pipe insertion or liner plate tunnel,
  • Allow for tunnel excavation to progress in the front of the TBM while liner plate is assembled at the rear of the TBM (for liner plate installations),
  • Custom TBM's available with removable power units.

Here at Tenbusch, we design and build custom TBM's with removable power units. For more information about employing a removable HPU for you applications please see our recent article:

PDFRemovable Hydraulic Power Unit in a Small TBM

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