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We design and manufacture backstops (thrust walls). Backstops provide a broad, portable, and easily transported mass which distributes thrust and minimizes deflection and drift of heavy equipment in tunneling and pipe-jacking operations.

We design and build steel and concrete backstops to withstand movement and force during jacking operations. Specific Tenbusch backstop design features include:

  • Distributes force over a large area,
  • Minimizes heavy equipment deflection and flexing under load,
  • Provides significant additional inertia to thrusting process,
  • Provides easy alignment of thrusting process with the use of steel shims or granular fill between backstop and any shoring.

Backstops provide ideal thrust restraint for underground applications including:

  • Tunneling and pipe-jacking,
  • Box-culvert tunneling and jacking,
  • Trenchless pipe installation and pipe bursting,
  • Auger and road boring applications.

Please review our backstop brochure:

PDFTenbusch Backstop Brochure

To obtain more information on how our backstops (thrust-walls) can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.

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