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Lubricants are required in underground construction applications to reduce friction and lower jacking forces for pipe, casing, and box-culvert installation.

We design and manufacture systems for mixing and pumping underground lubricants such as bentonite and/or polymer solutions. Our pre-configured and custom lubrication systems are designed for underground construction applications such as:

  • Tunneling and pipe-jacking,
  • Horizontal earth boring,
  • Directional drilling and boring,
  • Auger boring,
  • Well and shaft drilling.

Our lubricant systems are very efficient and effective - the mixing and pumping processes have been optimized for the specific conditions encountered in underground construction. Standard features of our lubricant systems are as follows:

  • High pressure fluid circuit for long transmission lines and to penetrate annular spaces surrounding pipe,
  • Low pressure fluid circuit for mixing and transport,
  • Controls to match flows to work requirements.
  • High-capacity reservoirs appropriate for underground applications,

Additional options available for your lubricant unit:

  • Dual reservoir design for simultaneous mixing and pumping,
  • Centrifugal mixing and piston delivery pumps,
  • Hydraulic pump drive,
  • Ergonomic valving for lubricant re-circulation,
  • Continuous re-circulation and delivery flow adjustment,
  • Integral power source - combustion engine or electric motor.

We work hard at Tenbusch to provide you with high-quality lubricant systems that are efficient, productive, and cost effective.

Tenbusch Lubricant Mixing and Pumping System Tenbusch Lubricant Mixing and Pumping System Tenbusch Lubricant Mixing and Pumping System

To learn more about our lubricant units - please review our lubricant system brochures:

In addition, we have prepared a guide to help our customers select, mix, and apply lubricants for tunneling and underground construction applications. Please review our guide as you consider applications where our underground lubricant systems can provide you an advantage:

To obtain more information on how our lubricant systems can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.

Tenbusch Lubricant Mixing and Pumping System


Tenbusch Colloidal Mixing Unit

Specific "colloidal" mixing units are available for effective mixing of the following materials:

  • Bentonite,
  • Polymer solutions,
  • Grout.

Tenbusch colloid mixers employ a "paddle wheel" beater to enable thorough mixing of the mixed material.