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Advantages of the Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™)

  1. Small Working Pit - Jacking Pit is 9 ft long by 9 ft wide (independent of the depth of the old line).
  2. Small Receiving Pit - Only 4' width required - existing manhole will work.
  3. TIM™ is FAST - Installation time: approximately one foot per minute !
  4. TIM™ installs RIGID PIPE
    • Ductile Iron Pipe
    • Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe
    • Polymer-Concrete Pipe
    • Steel and Stainless Pipe
  5. No point repair required - TIM™ will penetrate completely collapsed lines.
  6. Where existing joints are badly misaligned - TIM™ will penetrate and expand in a way which allows the new RIGID PIPE to be straight and true.
  7. No need to dispose of old pipe - Very important where existing pipe is asbestos-cement.
  8. No need to dispose of existing soil - Very important when dealing with contaminated soil.
  9. Allows existing surface improvements to remain intact.
  10. Minimal disruptions to traffic flow and commerce - reducing overall social and environmental costs of a project.

Small Working Pit

One of the many advantages of the TIM System is its minimal job space requirement. The TIM System's compact jobsite footprint is independent of existing line depth, while other trenchless methods require more layout for deep lines.

Installation of 5 ft long ductile iron pipe sections in a pit 9 ft long by 9 ft wide.

Another small 9 ft long by 9 ft wide work pit. The road was never closed during this sewer replacement. The pit was small enough that the contractor was able to cover the opening with metal plates each evening.

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Small Receiving Pit

Consistent with an overall small jobsite footprint, the TIM™ System lead equipment is designed to be received in a small pit or manhole.

The TIM™ System lead pieces are easily received in a manhole.

The receiving end of a replaced line that was unusually close to a residential structure. A small receiving pit was a necessity here.

The above photo shows existing surface conditions near the receiving manhole better left undisturbed.

The lead pieces were retrieved by using the existing manhole as a receiving pit.

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Surface Improvements Remain Intact

Using the Tenbusch Insertion Method, a 200 ft section of sewer, starting at the manhole just visible at the bottom of the picture, was replaced directly under the statue in the background. The statue was a tribute to the founder of the company. The line was replaced in 4 hours. Relocating or risking damage to the statue was out of the question.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement with TIM™

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Minimal Disruptions to Traffic

These pictures show necessary staging for a TIM™ installation versus a competing trenchless method.

LEFT: shows a TIM™ installation staged off the back of a trailer.
RIGHT: shows staging necessary for a competing trenchless method.

Which scenario do you think the taxpayer would prefer ?

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