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  1. Small Working Pit - Jacking Pit is 9 ft long by 9 ft wide (independent of the depth of the old line).
  2. Small Receiving Pit - Only 4' width required - existing manhole will work.
  3. TIM™ is FAST - Installation time: approximately one foot per minute !
  4. TIMâ„¢ installs RIGID PIPE
    • Ductile Iron Pipe
    • Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe
    • Polymer-Concrete Pipe
    • Steel and Stainless Pipe
  5. No point repair required - TIM™ will penetrate completely collapsed lines.
  6. Where existing joints are badly misaligned - TIM™ will penetrate and expand in a way which allows the new RIGID PIPE to be straight and true.
  7. No need to dispose of old pipe - Very important where existing pipe is asbestos-cement.
  8. No need to dispose of existing soil - Very important when dealing with contaminated soil.
  9. Allows existing surface improvements to remain intact.
  10. Minimal disruptions to traffic flow and commerce - reducing overall social and environmental costs of a project.

To obtain more information on how the TIM™ System can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.