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We have developed the Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™) and equipment for trenchless pipe replacement (pipe bursting). The TIM™ System allows local contractors to replace ailing underground infrastructure for both municipal and industrial applications

The TIM™ system is a unique pipe replacement (pipe bursting) method that jacks (pushes) new pipe in place of the existing deteriorated pipe. Unlike other trenchless methods, the TIM™ system utilizes the column strength of segmented jacking pipe for the newly installed line. The stringent structural requirements of the TIM™ System ensure a long lived, structurally superior, end product.

The Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™) is the only pipe bursting method that pushes the new pipeline into place. Because the TIM™ System requires rigid pipe for installation, a long lifetime solution is insured.

Pipe bursting was originally developed to pull a flexible pipe through the existing pipe. High density polyethylene and PVC pipe have been used extensively. Concerns with the design life of the materials used in all facets of infrastructure have caused new methods and materials to be developed. In the case of existing sewer and water pipe the new materials turn out to be the old standby's - clay and ductile iron. The Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™) is the only method that allows these new configurations of the old standby materials to be pushed into place. This patented method expands the old pipe and allows for upsizing - sometimes and in some soils - very dramatically. The result is that your city's infrastructure can be replaced with new pipe that has a design life of more than a mere 50 years.

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