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We manufacture wellhead hydraulic lubricator and hydraulic power units (HPU's) units for well servicing applications. Our hydraulic lubricator cylinder assemblies are designed to allow servicing of the oil-field wellhead. Typical features of our lubricator cylinder units include:

  • Hydraulically operated lubricator assembly,
  • Robust construction for rough oil-field job conditions,
  • Special treated chrome rod to resist corrosive environments,
  • Laser-etched rule on chrome rod surface to allow continuous monitoring of rod end location,
  • Extra heavy-duty seals for longer life and longer service intervals,
  • Inline pilot checks on cylinder extend and retract cycles to resist drifting during operation,
  • Improved hydraulic valving for more precise control.

A simple brochure detailing our Wellhead Lubricator Cylinder Unit is presented in the following PDF:

PDFTenbusch Hydraulic Lubricator Cylinder Brochure

All Tenbusch oil-field lubricators are made in the USA.

Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator Tenbusch Wellhead Lubricator


We manufacture hydraulic power units (HPU's) specifically suited to the task of powering your wellhead hydraulic lubricators. We offer both standard (pre-configured) hydraulic power units (HPU's), as well as custom built units.

Tenbusch HP15 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

To obtain more information on how our hydraulic lubricator units can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us.