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Oil Field and Well Servicing Equipment

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

Tenbusch Inc. designs, fabricates, and manufactures custom hydraulic power units (HPU's): mobile or stationary hydraulic power units, and hydraulic units that operate with gas, diesel, or electric power sources. Tenbusch hydraulic power units (HPU's) are designed to deliver hydraulic fluid power to your most demanding and critical processes and equipment. (More information ...)

Mud Mixing Systems

Mud Mixing Systems

Tenbusch Inc. designs, fabricates, and manufactures lubrication systems for mixing and pumping bentonite and/or polymer solutions for underground construction applications. Tenbusch welcomes the opportunity to utilize our knowledge and experience gained with underground applications to develop and manufacture lubrication equipment for the oil-field and well-servicing industry. (More information ...)